Law Office of Erik B. Grindal P.A.

Attorney Erik Grindal always puts his clients first. Regardless of the nature of your legal concerns, you can be sure that Erik Grindal will provide you with the guidance you need to resolve your issue as quickly and effectively as possible.

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney with your best interests at heart.

When you are injured on the job or you develop an illness as a direct result of employment, you deserve compensation. Because most employers are required by Florida law to carry workers’ compensation insurance, you will most likely turn to your insurer if you find yourself unable to work because of a job-related injury or illness. Unfortunately, convincing the insurer to approve your claim isn’t always easy. To save as much money as possible, many workers’ compensation insurance companies wrongfully deny claims or offer you only minimal benefits when your claim is approved. If this happens to you, the Law Office of Erik B. Grindal P.A. can help you fight for the benefits you need.

Representation for consumers dealing with property insurance claims.

Most homeowners rely on their home insurance policies to provide compensation in the event of an accident, natural disaster or theft. However, homeowner’s insurance companies aren’t always willing to offer the settlement amount a homeowner needs to repair the damage and/or replace his or her property. In some cases, homeowners may be able to negotiate a satisfactory settlement on their own. However, when the insurance company digs its heels in and won’t listen to reason, it is time to call an experienced attorney like Erik Grindal for assistance.
Actually speak with your lawyer, not just the secretary.

Erik B. Grindal knows how frustrating it can be to contact your lawyer repeatedly, only to have multiple conversations with members of the office staff. That’s why he always makes himself available to talk to you when you have questions or concerns. When you trust the Law Office of Erik B. Grindal with your case, you can be sure that you will get the answers, guidance and support you need, when you need it.

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